Timber Built Summerhouses – Impressive Outbuildings for Essex and London

SummerhouseAs a professional joinery, building and Construction Company we have all manner of skillset within our team who offer some of the best results available in the areas that we cover. Our summer houses are timber built and completely bespoke, which means that our clients can choose any size, any style, and any finish.

We have the ability to offer you a complete finish. So although we are able to supply you with superior outbuildings and outer cases that can be used for a number of reasons, we can offer you the choice to insulate and damp proof the interior, finish it off in order to decorate, and we can of course paint or wallpaper the inside whilst treating and colouring the outside.

Our specifications are of a completely different quality those summerhouses that are mass produced by retailers. What this means for our clients is that we produce completely tailor made summerhouses to use as small balcony or covered decking areas, medium to large garden rooms that can be entirely protected from the elements that can be used as playrooms, outside seating areas, man-woman pads and office areas.

Superior Quality Timber from Sustainable Sources

These buildings are designed and hand made from start to finish. We use only timber that we are able to source from responsible suppliers – which can be proven through custody certificates. Our summerhouses are not of any standard size, they are all completely created to your measurements and requirements. We can, of course, provide recommendations on the size that will be suitable not just for your garden (boundaries etc.) but the size and layout that will suit your needs.

Separate rooms, open plan, kitchen areas – all can be achieved depending on how your budget fits. Our team always try to achieve the very best to suit what you have to invest. We also build long lasting fencing to create boundaries around your landscape.

Summerhouses are great to have as a spare place to sit and enjoy. We can create log cabins and a huge variety of timber buildings such as bespoke kennels and sheds, chicken coops and garages and you choose exactly the type you like. Whether you have a small corner in your garden or wish to make a summerhouse or log cabin that takes pride of place in a large space we can help.