Essex Power Flushing

Using the best equipment available, our expert team carry out power flushing and pipe cleaning to the highest standard. This is a cost-effective to improve your boiler, and we’re specialists in the area. This is one of the best ways to improve your system, and is more practical that installing unvented cylinders. Choose us for an excellent service in Essex, and London.
Excellent Equipment

When we carry out power flushing work, we choose to use the Sentinel Jetflush 4 Flushing Unit and the Magna Cleanse Magnetic Filtration System. Using these two pieces of equipment together allows us to remove more magnetic iron oxide from your pipes than ever before. While power flushing is incredibly effective, you’re only guaranteed to get rid of this oxide when you use both pieces of equipment together.

Lifetime Protection Available
With every power flushing service that we provide, we offer the option of lifetime protection. This is through the installing a MagnaClean filter to your heating system. By doing this, it becomes easier for us to carry out regular cleaning of your pipes, which means that more sludge and iron oxide is removed.

Recommended by Suppliers
Power flushing is now recommended by boiler manufacturers, and there are new guidelines being published all the time. Many manufacturers don’t offer a guarantee unless you have regular power flushing work carried out. This is all in accordance with BS 7593.

Great Value for Money
When we carry out a two-step power flushing service, we actually save you money. Many companies simply offer the first part of the work we carry out, and this typically costs more than our services. In essence, you’re provided with an excellent, thorough service for a truly excellent price.